Quality, Project Efficiency & Good Service

We could simply say that our family raised Charolais cattle and leave it at that. However, we thought long and hard about developing a brand visual that says who we are, what we do and have characteristics of our company. Inevitably, we felt that the Charolais bull is just right, thus Charolais Mechanical is born.

The Charolais bull is a medium-large, muscular cattle bred for beef. It is white with curly hair on its crown. In the cattle business it is known for its efficiency and subservient nature. The Charolais bull represents our quality and high standards, project efficiency and dedication to good service.

Charolais Mechanical Horizontal Logo

Our brand exudes confidence, tells you that we confidently offer heating and cooling services and feels like a Texas company. We set out to give you the feeling that you are working with a strong, confident, commercial HVAC company that offers superior quality and value.

Charolais Mechanical Mascot

The Charolais Bull

The graphic of the Charolais Mechanical logo depicts a muscular bull with horns that do not pass the ears with curly hair on its crown. It is confident, strong and attractive. The color purple often represents elite status; distinguishing the most regal. It is a reminder to us to maintain superior quality and to standout among our competitors through quality workmanship and service.

Living up to the Charolais

This bold brand commands excellence that we need to live up to. You can count on Charolais Mechanical to do everything possible to be a superior HVAC partner, and that’s No Bull!