Design Build Mechanical Services

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Turnkey Commercial Installations

  • New Multi- Family Construction Applications: Garden Style, Podium Wraps, High Rise, and Homes for Lease. Wood and Metal Framing applications.

  • New Commercial Construction Applications: Pet Hospitals, Spas, Food Industry, Shopping Centers, and more.

  • Industrial Applications: Warehouse Ventilation and Air Quality, Storage Facilities, Factories, and Specialized Facilities.

VRF Services (Variable Refrigerant Flow)

Manufacturer specific training is what gives us the upper hand when dealing with the intricacies involved with installing and commissioning VRF systems. VRF systems are the future, and we have the unique unmatched experience with this technology. This revolutionary system utilizes inverter compressors which operate at variable speeds, producing more consistent temperatures and humidity levels while yielding superior energy efficiency. VRF installations also take up much less space, providing greater design flexibility with building plans.

Refrigeration on Roof
Refrigeration inspection

VRT Smart Controls (Variable Refrigerant Temperature)

Charolais Mechanical partners with world leaders like Daikin to provide the latest in world leading technology. Variable Refrigerant Temperature continuously adjusts both the inverter compressor speed and refrigerant temperature in cooling and heating, allowing the systems to meet the building load with the highest levels of seasonal efficiency at all times.

Service and Maintenance

Our Service and Maintenance programs ensure that HVAC systems operate at maximum efficiency and last for years to come. The Charolais Inspection program assesses every aspect of the unit to keep it running at its very best.

Controls and Automation

We partner with leading control contractors to bring our customers the most value for their energy management solutions. In addition, in-house staff receives training on all systems to navigate and trouble shoot as required.

Air Balance and Quality

Charolais Mechanical partners with trusted Bolometer providers to offer in-house, non-certified air balances. We also maintain working relationships with independent NEBB and AABC balancing contractors, should any job require a third-party report.

Expertise in HVAC Systems

Charolais Mechanical is a Commercial HVAC company that specializes in boilers, cooling towers, fans, heat exchangers, pumps, and split systems; along with common applications found in new multifamily and commercial construction.

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HVAC for Multiunit housing

Full-Service HVAC Solutions

Offering expertise to design, procure, fabricate, install, and start up all types of HVAC Systems. From duct work jobs to complex state of the art VRF installations, Charolais Mechanical has the experience to complete projects on time and within budget.

HVAC Projects


Charolais Mechanical is a reliable partner for builders that stands behind their workmanship and ability to meet timelines and budgets. These are just a few successful projects that exceeds goals and over-delivers on value.